Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JourneyDance on Friday

We are driving to Philadelphia on Friday for a weekend JourneyDance workshop with Toni Bergin. YAY!!!

It should be a nice reminder and refresher before our teacher certification in the Fall and then we'll be set to start teaching JourneyDance in the area. I can't even begin to share my excitement!

Any excuse to dance and move and challenge my body in new and exciting ways...

After that, I'm hoping to have about 8-10 months before yoga teacher training at Kripalu and then let the new life unfold for both of us.

We're starting to look for spaces for Caya, too. There are a few that I'm really interested in, but we aren't quite ready to sign anything official, so we have to keep faith that the right space will present itself to us when we are ready.

In the networking world, we're starting to look for all kinds of professionals that might be interested in participating in our community-building efforts: massage therapists, yoga teachers, tai chi teachers, bellydance and African dance teachers, acupuncturists, midwives and doulas, chiropractors, even nurses!

So if you or anyone you know might be interested in joining our vision, send them our way!


Caya: Come As You Are said...
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Raymond Bokenkamp said...

Dawn & Gretchen it was great to dance with you in Philly.

Your hearts are so open and beautiful I can see how this will radiate all the way through DC and beyond.

Peace and love. go Caya!